X-Y Gun Manipulator

X-Y Gun Manipulator

To provide a controlled linear gun traverse unit for the horizontal or vertical or lateral or any combination of movement for spray gun, MEC designs vide variety of gun manipulators for consistent and precise thermal spray coating . The X/X-Y/X-Y-Z/X-Y-Z-R gun traverse provides accurate and repeatable gun motions (To & Fro) via a Rack & Pinion or Ball screw arrangement. Each axis can be programmed for efficient controlled and repeated motion to the gun. The manipulators can be designed in AC variable drives or with servo controlled drives as per job coating requirement to Improve coating quality, to Retain coating uniformity, to Increases productivity, to Better utilization of material, to have Less rejection in coating (Due to even spray) and to Reduce operator's involvement.


The hoses have proper fittings at both sides to connect the control panel & gun distinctly. Initially hoses will be connected to control console and the hoses blown out at low pressure before the gun is connected.


Certification CE Certified
Application Plastic Auxiliary
Weight 100-1000kg
Warranty 1yrs
Material Metal
Surface Polished

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