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Metallizing Equipment Co. Pvt. Ltd. (MEC) has over 50 years experience in developing Thermal Spray Equipments and Coating Technology. It has the philosophy of continuous improvement and close collaboration with customers. It's flexible manufacturing and service facilities allows to make customised products and process to support customer's from beginning to completion of task. Every effort has been made to develop this website informative, but it cannot substitute personal contact. Therefore, we encourage customer's to talk to us so that we can together develop optimum solution. MEC look forward to maintain a special relation with you in future.

Thermal Spraying is a group of coating processes in which finely divided metallic or nonmetallic materials are deposited in a molten or semi-molten condition to form a coating. The coating material may be in the form of powder, ceramic-rod, or wire. Thermal Spraying has advantage over other processes as it is cold process and as consequence, it never distorts parent material. Thickness of coating is controllable with, no matter what the job size is. Loss of surface properties due to wear, corrosion, abrasion, erosion, cavitation etc. can be avoided in a cost effective manner by thermal spray coating.

Coating quality is usually assessed by measuring its porosity, oxide content, macro and micro-hardness, bond strength and surface roughness. Generally, the coating quality increases with increasing particle velocities.

Several variations of thermal spraying are: Plasma spraying, Wire arc spraying, Flame spraying, High velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF), Warm spraying, Cold spraying.

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